All The Supplies You Need To Do Gel Nails at Home

All The Supplies You Need To Do Gel Nails at Home

Looking for a detailed guide to understand how to do gel nails at home like a pro? Confused about the equipment needed for gel nails and how to choose the best gel nail starter kit for yourself? This ultimate guide about doing gel nails for beginners is sure to come in handy for you!

A Foolproof Guide To Salon-Worthy Gel Nail Extensions

It is a great idea to pamper your nails and give them a makeover. But, if you can't make it to the salon for a manicure because of the lockdown or budget constraints, don't worry - doing your gel nail manicure at home is easier than you ever thought, especially if you've got experts giving you detailed instructions on how to do UV gel nails with tips at home step by step.

In this article, we’ll help you understand the essentials you need to do your own gel nails. We’ll also help you find and select the right gel nail starter kit as per your preference. Detailed and exclusive - consider this your comprehensive shopping list for giving yourself a salon-worthy manicure at home. We’ve also included some useful tips and hacks that professionals do to achieve that perfect manicure.

What Supplies Do I Need To Do My Own Gel Nails?

You must have heard this a dozen of times that with patience, practice, and the right technique, you can master your gel nail manicure at home just like a salon. But if you are wondering how to make gel nails last at home and what supplies you need to have in your professional gel nail starter kit, here are the essential products and equipment you need to do your gel nails at home:

1. High-Quality LED Lamp

An efficient LED nail lamp that comes with auto-on and timer settings is a must for a professional manicure at home.

2. Base Coat

The gel nail kit must include a high-quality peel-off base coat.

3. High-Shine Top Coat

No manicure is complete without a high shine top coat that locks everything in place and exudes a salon-style glossiness at home.

4. Your Favourite Colour Gel Polishes

Of course – the kit must include the gel polishes of your favourite colors so that you can go the extra mile with your nail art creativity.

5. Prep & Polish Liquid

Do not opt for an at-home gel nail kit that doesn’t include a prep and polish liquid because you need to prepare your nails before giving them a makeover.

6. Gel Remover Liquid

What about the times when your manicure is worn off and needs to be taken off? Ensure that your kit must have a gel remover liquid too.

7. Gel Remover Foil Wraps

Since gel polishes can be difficult to take off, gel remover foil wraps are another essential of doing your gel nails at home.

8. Nail File

You must also have a nail file ready before proceeding with your manicure.

9. Cuticle Pusher

Talking about manicures, how can we forget a cuticle pusher to achieve that salon look?

10. Lint-Free Wipes

Although many people neglect them, lint-free alcohol wipes are a must while doing your gel nails at home to sort out any tackiness once you are done.

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How Do You Apply Gel Nails At-Home?

Here is how you can easily do a salon-perfect gel nail manicure at home:

  • Clean your nails with nail polish remover, if any - and prepare them to get started for the gel manicure
  • Clip your nails - if required, file, and buff them to create a smooth, perfectly shaped surface
  • Push your cuticles back and moisturize the area
  • Remove the dust and dead skin using a lint-free alcohol wipe
  • Apply the base coat and be very gentle and patient with it
  • Ensure the base coat is as thin and smooth as possible
  • Do not let the base coat touch the cuticles or your skin – or else it can dehydrate or irritate your skin and make your manicure less durable
  • Cure the polish in an 80 Watt LED nail lamp for 60 seconds
  • Apply the gel polish color of your choice and do whatever nail art you feel like doing
  • Cure the polish again – this time just for 15 to 30 seconds
  • Seal your gel polish with a top coat and achieve that salon-like shine
  • Cure the polish one last time – again for a minute
  • Wipe away any tackiness with a lint-free alcohol wipe
  • Voila! You are done!

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Tips to Use a Gel Nail Starter Kit Perfectly

Here are a few crucial tips that’ll help you understand how to use the best professional gel nail kit perfectly:

  • Organize all your supplies before starting your manicure
  • Prepare your nails beforehand for long-lasting and professional-looking nail extensions
  • Shake your polishes properly before proceeding with the application
  • Work in thin coats and apply your gel polish patiently 
  • Ditch a UV lamp to avoid exposure to ultraviolet rays
  • Choose the right type of gel nail starter kit if you are a beginner

How to Choose the Right Gel Nail Starter Kit?

To select one of the best at home gel nail extension kit, here are a few crucial things you must keep in mind:

  • Check whether your shortlisted at-home gel nail kit comprises all the essential supplies listed above or not
  • Prefer a kit that has a high-quality LED nail lamp instead of a UV lamp as it is a healthier, safer, and quicker option to cure your nails
  • Check the lamp details before sealing the deal and look for a high powered LED nail lamp that comes with an auto-sensor, faster curing, and multiple timer options
  • If you are a beginner, grab a starter edition of your DIY gel nail kit to master the basics first.
  • Once you’ve practiced doing gel nails for beginners, proceed to the Luxe and Deluxe edition to get your hands on more nail colors and intricate tools.

Wrapping Up

We hope we helped you understand all about the essentials of doing your gel nails at home. Rather than collecting individual supplies that the professionals use, it is a smarter idea to grab the best at home gel nail extension kit to save your hard-earned money and avoid all those hassles of searching out for everything alone.

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