Our Story


My name is Amy,  and I firmly believe that looking and feeling great should be simple, easy, and affordable. That's why I founded Luxe Cosmetics.

When I moved to the London to start my first professional job, I was on a super tight budget. After I'd set aside money for rent, bills, travel, and other essentials, I found that with my small "self-care" allowance, I was choosing between getting my nails, my brows or my lashes done each month. A bit of a tricky decision!

My nails were often my go-to, since I'd bitten my nails for as long as I could remember. The only way I could stop biting was with acrylic nails or with fresh nail polish on my nails - as soon as any polish chipped, I'd be back at biting them again. After a while, I noticed that my nails were extremely brittle and weak from the overuse of acrylics. Deciding to give them a break, I switched to gel polish at the salon. Eventually work became hectic and I found I was struggling to fit in my usual salon visits around my schedule. Soon after, I decided to take matters into my own hands - and source my own gel nail kit. 

The gel nail kit I had curated myself from multiple suppliers honestly changed my life. After slowly getting the hang of it, I had salon-perfect nails for two weeks! Recommending the at-home solution to my friends, I suddenly got my light bulb moment. Why not help them get an affordable at-home gel nail solution?

Luxe Cosmetics was then born. An easy solution to DIY gel nails.

I hope you enjoy using our products as much as I do!

Amy D. – Founder of Luxe Cosmetics