Top 10 Gel Nail Hacks to Level Up Your At-Home Manicure

Top 10 Gel Nail Hacks to Level Up Your At-Home Manicure

Looking for gel nail hacks to achieve a perfect manicure and add more convenience to your life? Browse through this list to find the top ten most useful hacks on doing your gel nails easily and mastering your gel manicure at home.

Explore Plenty of Gel Nail Hacks for Short Nails

Gel nails are loved by women across the world and are not only limited to short nailed ladies. However, beginners with short nails are especially interested in knowing the best gel nail hacks to make their life easier. If you are also struggling with learning how to do nail art with gel polish perfectly at home, our list of top ten gel nail hacks is sure to come in handy for you.

These hacks not only come in handy for a perfect, mess-free application but also help your manicure last longer and look more professional. We know you cannot wait to unveil them - so, here we go!

1. Apply white glue on your skin

Since you must ensure that your gel nail polish doesn’t come in contact with your skin – of course, because it looks dirty, is harmful, and make your manicure very less durable, apply a thick coat of white glue around your nails to peel it off later once you’re done painting them. This way, you get clean and long-lasting gel nails.

2. Get things done faster by switching to an LED lamp

If you are looking forward to saving more time while doing your manicure, invest in a good quality LED nail lamp to cure your polish instead of a UV lamp. The latter exposes your nails to harmful radiations and is almost three times slower than the former.

3. Add glitter to sort the mess

If you are a beginner and can’t yet do a seamless and professional manicure, top off your nail art with some chunky glitter to make the tackiness look less visible.

4. Use nail glue to fix broken nails

Although it is very unlikely that your gel nail extension might break but in case it does and you don’t have the time to remove and redo it, you can fix it by applying a thick coat of nail glue in between the crack and applying a very thin layer of gel polish on top to make everything look perfect as before.

5. Create your DIY tools

Instead of spending extravagant money on purchasing nail art tools, create your DIY tools by looking at things around you. Anything as common as a thread, paper towel, needle, pen, toothpick, cloth, etc. can be used to create compelling gel nail art for beginners.

6. Don’t underestimate a scotch tape

We know you have heard and seen it a million times that scotch tape can be used as guidelines to help get the best gel nail art for beginners. However, our hack varies for people who struggle in removing the tape perfectly and end up ruining their manicure. Instead of removing the scotch tape, just let it be and cut off the excess. This way, you don’t only get a unique nail art but also get some interesting texture on your nails.

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7. Turn your nail polish matte

Don’t have matte nail polish but craving an ultra-matte manicure? Just mix some talc, kaolin clay, or even cornstarch in your glossy polish to achieve a matte polish look. Make sure to mix really well though.

8. Wipe your gel nails with an alcohol wipe

Once you are done painting your nails, gently wipe them with a lint-free alcohol wipe at the end to take away all the tackiness and make the polish look more even.

9. Reapply the top coat after a week

Initially, when you have not mastered the gel manicure perfectly and are worried about the durability of your gel nail polish, it is a great idea to lock your nail art back in place by reapplying the top coat after a week.

10. Let your nails breathe

Once your current gel nail manicure is worn off and needs a replacement, remove it carefully and wait for at least a week to let your nails recover. Pamper your nails with good nail care practices during this time to get stronger and shinier nails – so that you can get an even more beautiful manicure the next time.

The Bottom Line

We hope we helped you find the best gel nail hacks that’ll add more ease to your DIY manicure. Have you explored some tips and tricks while doing your nails at home? If not, which of these hacks intrigued you the most? Would you like to try some of these gel nail hacks for short nails the next time you are ready to be creative with your nails?