How to Make DIY Gel Nails Last Longer at Home?

How to Make DIY Gel Nails Last Longer at Home?

You might have already figured out how to do gel nails at home perfectly, but are you wondering how you can make them last longer at home? You are in the right place. In this article, we have shared some useful tips and tricks to make your gel manicure more durable.

Keep Yourself Event-Ready With Gel Nails

One of the biggest reasons women prefer getting gel nails done is because they last much longer, look classic, and keep them ready for parties, events, and meetings back to back. Now that the salons are shut down due to the lockdown and you have just started doing your gel nails at home, you might be confused about how to do them perfectly like professionals and make them last longer.

Well, we have your back. We understand the confusion you are going through and will hopefully give you enough useful information you are looking for. Read to find the top hacks to make your manicure more durable and perfect at home.

How to Make Your At-Home Gel Manicure More Durable?

You are not alone if you are constantly worried about getting your nails ruined or peeling them off while running errands. If you follow these instructions carefully, the fear of chipped nails won't plague you any more.

1. Prepare Your Nails Properly

Do not start applying gel nail polish straightaway. Invest your time in preparing your nails to make the final outcome a lot better. This way, you also protect them against any dullness or weakness. Opt for a DIY gel nail kit that includes everything from preparing to polishing and removing your gel nails.

2. Work in Thin Coats

If you apply your gel polish patiently and in thin coats, the result wouldn’t be too thick or prone to mishaps. Furthermore, if your nail paint is too thick, it looks tacky and unprofessional. In case you still encounter an unfinished look by doing your manicure at home, read to know what do you wipe your nails with at the end for perfectly glossy and professional-looking nails.

3. Don’t Underestimate the Base Coat

A base coat works as a primer for your nails to protect them. It also lets the gel nail polish look more flawless and durable. Most importantly, if you apply a base coat, it is super easy to take your gel nails off when required.

4. Cure Your Nails for At Least 30 Seconds

Many women mistake their nails for having been cured without waiting for long enough. You must at least wait for 30 seconds to let the nail polish cure completely. Sometimes, the polish might look as if it is cured while it really isn’t. This is what makes it more prone to chipping off and a tacky look.

5. Don’t Forget the Top Coat

Once you have finished doing your gel nails, do not skip the last step and apply the top coat as it seals your gel polish perfectly while adding an extra layer of shine and protection to your nails.

Ways to Stop Your Nails from Chipping & Peeling Off

Sometimes, your manicure might chip off even when you have done everything perfectly. Here are a few steps you must take to make your gel nails more durable:

  • Wipe your gel nails gently with lint-free alcohol wipes to take off all the tackiness. This makes the surface more even and finished.
  • Rinse hands with cold water after your manicure is perfectly done and cured.
  • Don’t forget the nail care once you take your manicure off. This way, you protect and prepare them for another manicure.
  • If your nails are weak and brittle, the chances of chipped nails are higher. So, regularly massage your nails with castor oil and use cuticle oil to nourish your cuticles.
  • Avoid exposure to harsh chemicals or hot water while at home or work. Wear gloves wherever necessary.

Wrapping Up

We hope we helped you understand how you can prepare your nails for a lasting application and preserve your gel nails for a longer time. Remember to be patient while doing your manicure at home. After all, good things come to those who wait!